You Know what is right for you but you are just scared

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sabha


Marriage is something that every human being desire. The marriage life for few people is interesting for a few, it’s devastating. Not all marriage life is successful nor unsuccessful.

As soon as one completes the teenage, they plan for their marriage. Some may not have patience and they fall in love. Whereas some may find their life difficult so they want someone to be supportive. For a few, they might fall in love because they want to check whether he/she is the right partner.

The reason people avoid the marriage:

  1. Lack of trust- The people who avoid marriage is because of the lack of trust.  It is because someone has cheated them, so they do not want the same thing being repeated.
  2. The Carrier –  For few men and women their carrier is not stable. They might work hard for getting a new job. Especially to the men carrier plays a major role. Without a job, they can’t manage their family. It can also impact the women carrier because a woman might work in a different company before the marriage and after tying knot she will find other jobs. After becoming a mother, she might find another job. For example, a man might have a great opportunity in his company but his payment will be less because of which he might leave his passion and for a woman, her job might not be stable.
  3. Independence – For a few men and woman’s independence is important in their life. Thye might be liberal before their marriage. Usually, a woman might cook anything or not cook if she is single but after marriage, she should nurse her husband, so after marriage, she should work hard by cooking and working and she should also take care of the kids. For men, they might turn up late to home or enjoy their weekends by going out with friends and having an adventurous life but after marriage, he has a great responsibility of taking care of his wife. He should not be only a husband but also a protector and guardian to his wife.
  4. Challenging – Marriage life is very challenging. Each day might be challenging. Not all days will be the same. It might have both the negativeness and positiveness. It is common between the couples to fight, sometimes the fights might be simple but it will get exploded like a volcano. So patience and adjusting the challenges is highly important in marriage life.
  5. Comfort- Love and comfort in marriage life are crucial. Till death, we should love only this man or woman. Though bonding is not very great.
  6. Autobiography:  After marriage, it is not my life and my decisions and my house whereas it is our life, our decisions, our house and our family. No space for autobiography.
  7. Appearance- Sometimes after marriage, a boy and girls get conscious about their beauty. Seldom after marriages a boy and girl will not look the same as how were they been before marriage.

To anyone who is gritting their teeth and feels trapped and confusing. My advice is to listen to your heart though it is on your left side of the body it will take you to the right way.

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