Dua Solved All My Problems and Changed My Life

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By Pure Matrimony -

Source : Excerpt from http://ifirdous.hubpages.com/hub/howduachangedmylife

By ifirdous
Few years ago when I got divorced the world around me seemed dark and unfriendly. I felt like there is nothing to look forward to. I always felt like crying, and sometimes the tears were hard to stop. I was experiencing unusual aches and pains, had persistent negative thoughts, had difficulty concentrating and I was sensing guilt and worthlessness and had become very pessimistic and my future looked blank.

My marriage to my ex husband was a big mistake. Even though I was warned by my family members, I wanted to go ahead with it. Most of them had doubts about him but I wanted to marry him at any cost. Maybe this is what is called “Love is blind”. I had come to UK for higher studies, originally being from Pakistan. I met my ex when he was in UK on a business visit. After my marriage to him there was not a single day in my life when I did not cry. We got married in Pakistan and he accompanied me to UK as my dependent. We hardly lived together for six months and he wanted to proceed to USA as he did not like this country. He was always at home, sitting and chatting with girls on computer. I still did not complain. I always thought that everything would be alright one day. Then one day he said to me that he has got a Job in USA and he is leaving and would be in touch with me on phone and net and once he got a house there he would call me. He left for USA and his attitude towards me started changing day by day. He was ignoring my calls and was behaving very rudely and also mentioned that he made a mistake by marrying me. I asked him for reason and he gave all lame excuses like there is no understanding between us etc etc.,

During this time I also came to learn that he was already married to a lady in Pakistan and that he is used to gambling. I still did not want to leave him or take divorce from him. I was very much scared of this word “divorce”.

I prayed to Allah that he should stop this divorce and make my ex come back to me. Everyone one was telling me to get rid of him but I did not have to courage to do so. I was already in my early thirties and with the label of “divorcee” I was sure that nobody would accept me and would be left all alone. I remember that it was month of ramzan, I fasted, prayed all night and when I got up in the morning I received a phone call from my mom that my ex has sent divorce notice by post. I was completely shattered. I kept on thinking that why did Allah not listen to my prayers. My mother kept telling me that there must be something good in it. Everything happens because of a reason and Allah knows better. I kept crying and was very upset the whole day.

As I could not sleep that night I was getting up again and again and was very disturbed. I was raising my hands and asking Allah for help and was calling Allah Allah all the time. Then all of a sudden I remembered that my mother had gifted me Quran with translation and explanation a year ago and asked me to read it regularly so that I can find some comfort in it. Then I just got up from bed performed wadhu and simply picked up the Quran and opened a page. And in front of me were these ayahs from surah talaq the translation of which is as follows:

[Talaq 65:3] And will provide him sustenance from a place he had never expected; and whoever relies on Allah – then Allah is Sufficient for him; indeed Allah will accomplish His command; indeed Allah has set a proper measure for all things.

[Talaq 65:5] This is Allah’s command that He has sent down towards you; and whoever fears Allah – Allah will relieve his sins and bestow upon him a great reward.

After reading this I understood that whatever happened was Allah’s will and all this happened because he could no more see me leading a suffocated life with my ex.

In past I spent most of my time pursuing my studies to build my career. I felt I never had time to read Quran and always felt very lazy to offer namaz too. But after that day onwards I started praying regularly and also started reciting Quran everyday.

Almost six months passed by and I was happy, satisfied and content with my life. I started making progress and was forgetting my past gradually. I knew that no matter what Allah is always with me and besides Allah I do not need anyone. Then one day a friend of my brother came to visit us and mentioned to my brother about a proposal for me. My brother discussed with me and invited the family over to our house. I was not sure whether this would finalise. I thought they would refuse after learning that I am a divorcee but by the grace of Allah everything worked out well I met my future husband and after two months I got married again. Allah had put everything in place.

Today after almost five years I can’t believe I am the same person. I got all the happiness I wanted and everything I wished for came true. I am now living a very happy married life with three beautiful children and a loving and caring husband. All this happened only due to dua’s and blessings of Allah. I am very much certain now that everything that happens in this world to us is only for our own good and only Allah knows better what lies ahead in future. All the hardships I had gone through was nothing but a blessing in disguise. I never felt so close to Allah as I now feel. I was always doubtful whether dua could change one’s destiny or not but now I am know for sure that by offering namaz, reciting quran, making dua and placing trust in Allah can definitely change your life.

May Allah bless us all and give guidance to follow the right path. Ameen!
Source : Excerpt from http://ifirdous.hubpages.com/hub/howduachangedmylife

17 Comments to Dua Solved All My Problems and Changed My Life

  1. Sarah Cariazo

    Assalamu’alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

    i was touched by this blog. subhanAllah Allah showed me that i am not the only person who is experiencing or have experienced this situation. i am also married and now i dont know where this marriage is taking me, my husband got married again and acting as if i dont exist. it is so painful but everytime i feel the pain i only pray to Allah, i am a reverted muslim and Alhamdulillah Allah chose me to be in the right path and I know that i need no one but Allah.

    • Sister I went through the same situation I was very confused about my marriage then I prayed and made lots of duas and did istekhara you can read the method of istekhara from the fortress of a Muslim after doing istekhara Allah opened my heart and gave me wisdom to take the right decission and gave me peace of mind and now alhumdolillah now I am very happy with my decission Allah does what is best for us keep the faith and keep praying

  2. saad ullah khan

    i read ur whole story then i understand whatever is happen is 4 own welfare..thank to tell ur story may ALLAH bless u and solve ur all problam …thank u and remember me in dua

  3. Musa Abba

    Always Be Connected with The All-Hearing All-Seeing All-knowing Merciful Allah and Both of the world are yours, The Here & The Hereafter, Masha Allah, An Inspiring Story.

  4. Thank you sister for telling us your story. When I have read it I remembered all my previous problems which was similar to some extent to you situation, sothat I feel what you faced during the first experiment.However, I am very happy because your are now satisfied in your life be sure that Allah is always there when we need Him and we do always need Him. May Allah bless us enshaAllah. Ameen

  5. really touched n made me cry dis is allah miracle……hes gr8 n no wrdzzz im spechlesss….may allah grant u all d happiness in ur upcoming lyf my dear sis……..AmeEeN

  6. Beautiful ;’) I am so happy for you, I’m so happy everything worked out for you, Alhamdulillah.

  7. muhammad shabbir

    superlike sister,,,what a story..! kust my story, the only difference is that you were married and i was in a relation with my ex. the samething, same feelings happened to me also. but ALHAMDULILLAH i was a regular salati 5 times and a reciter of al quran, so i dint move by that grief and ALLAH ta’lamade it easy for me,…now i m quite happier than before, thaks for sharing

  8. Salam…thank you so much for the post……I am a 23 year old who got divorced last year……..we never got married but we signed the marriage license……he left me because I could not bring him to Australia because I do not work and he’s family…..im still heart broken…..but alhamdullilah after reading your post i have some hope that things might turn around…..may Allah bless you and your family

  9. Walykum us Salam wa rehmatullah wa barakatuh
    Sister I went through the same situation I was very confused about my marriage then I prayed and made lots of duas and did istekhara you can read the method of istekhara from the fortress of a Muslim after doing istekhara Allah opened my heart and gave me wisdom to take the right decission and gave me peace of mind and now alhumdolillah now I am very happy with my decission Allah does what is best for us keep the faith and keep praying

  10. Salam sister,
    Jazak Allah kheir for ur story I couldn’t stop crying as I too am going through a rough time w my marriage. The only difference here is my husband is a good man I am just not happy with him. I was forced into marrying him and I have been married to him for 16 years now and I am losing it. I am not attracted to him, our ways of thinkng are so different. He isn’t the kind of man I wanted, I love him but am not in love with him never have been. My fear is that cause he is a good man, father, i will lose if i leave him, but i am not happy, havent been in years. I am very distant from my family, friends, i have resentment towards my mother for putting me in this situtaion, i dint know what to do! I was always afraid to leave, had no support and alhamdulillah I have 3 amazing kids but I want to leave him so bad, I want to find that happiness everyone is talkin about. I have been making duaa more and more I don’t know what else to do. He sees it and knows I’m not happy I just don’t feel we have a “real” relationship. I am lost and confused, sad, depressed and scared always, but with your story I have hope that Allah inshaAllah will do what’s best for me.

  11. Al Muslimah

    What a beautiful Story…..we have to keep our faith in ALLAH ……i went through the same thing ……got divorced 7 months ago …..i’m 27 years old ……i felt like i had no life ….all the negatif thoughts just drop on me about my situation as a divorcee and my future ….i was angry all the time , sad, depressed., worthless, i thought i did a big mistake when i asked for divorce….but al HAMDOULILAH i kept praying for ALLAH and i asked him to help me through this tough situation …..i’m doing just fine ….i got rid of my abusive ex husband ….i do what i like …..i feel happy and fulfilled …..THANK YOU ALLAH 🙂

  12. Mmh well am going through the same thing ,the worst is we have two kids together and he isnt helping me out with anything.Am so depressed and disappaointed.
    Thank you for sharing your story,inshaalllah i will do the same thing thing as Allah knows best.

  13. Dear sister Sandy,
    I can totally understand ur pain, I kinda went thru something like that with an ex who I didn’t marry. He was probably the worlds most kindest person ever and our marraige was arranged by parents. We got to know eachother for sometime and he had not one bad bone in his body. He was a religious, fun, outgoing yet mature and resposible person who was so good with kids and was so kind. He respected my mother like his own and his mother loved me like a daughter. But I was so young and foolish that I threw it awaay coz I wasn’t attracted to him and I turned him down. 3 years later I have landed with a guy who I am totally attracted to but he has got the most complexed personality. I don’t trust him and he doesn’t trust me, he says unkind things to me, dominates me, and treats me like shit and makes me feel worthless in every way. He walks all over me. I feel trapped and stifled. Now all I can do is pray to Allah to forgive my sins and please save me from a lifetime of grief. Last eid I saw my ex, he was happily married to a divorced girl from our community and looked really happy. When I spoke to the girl she said that she is so happy that she’s never been this happy even in her maternal home. Dear sister, I can’t tell u what to do….but the moral of the story is that sometimes we only realise what a diamond we lost when we get hurt by thorns. Don’t be fooled by attraction sister, this is just a mirage shown to u by the shaytaan becoz he cannot bear to see people tied in a halal relationship. He has vowed to Allah to break homes and cause marital disharmony. Please be happy that Allah has given u a gem of a man who loves u dearly and I’ll pray that may Allah create that attraction between both of u. AmeenGood morning…..

  14. Hi Brothers and sisters in islam i am in difficult situations i am 23 years of age i am married and have been married for almost three years and i had too many argument with my husband about silly things and I’ve been trying to get pregnant for all that time also now the doctor told me that i have conditions in my womb and can’t have kids unless my husband gets treatment or i get operation then when i told my husband he started acting different person and watching things we shouldn’t watch as a muslim and smoking hanging around with non muslim people going to gay guys house a lot of things and when i asked him he started talking to me like he doesn’t know me at all and started saying i had enough of you we’re getting divorce and something like that. Deep down i know he loves me with all his heart and i love him too and i know he’s lost person with the wrong crowd please brothers and sisters in islam make duaa for me and my husband i am really tired of this situation and if i leave him i know he will be gone for good there’s big shaitan took him. Please brothers and sisters make duaa for me please i will never forget your duaas may Allah make it easy for my situation. And whoever have difficulty situation may Allah make it easy for you brothers and sisters inshaallah.
    Salaamu calaykum

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