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The Importance Of The Wali, by Sheikh Alaa Elsayed

Sheikh Alaa Elsayed advises sisters on the importance of the wali If you are a Single Muslim and want to meet a Pious Spouse the Halal Way for and Islamic Marriage then Register at NOW! Like ‘Pure Matrimony’ on Facebook and be a part of our amazing community! And make sure you sign...

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Mahrs, Mahrams and Walis

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Do you know the rulings behind the mahr? What about knowing who can and can’t be your mahrams? What about walis – do you know their rights over you in...

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7 Sunnans of Eid

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Many of you know the most famous sunnans of Eid which Imâm Sa’îd b. Al-Musayyib – Allâh have mercy on him – said: The Sunnah of Al-Fitr consists of three things:...