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Muslims in Love

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The Secrets to Happy, Lasting Islamic Marriages

She knows by his face when he needs a word of encouragement. He knows that silence suits her best in the morning. They often finish sentences with a “you know what I mean” nod. Through the years they have rubbed off each other’s rough spots, grown together and now, seeing them together, they look comfortable....

Before you say ‘I do’

What a Girl Wants

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Heba Alshareef gives some insider information to men looking to win the hand of a fabulous Muslimah in marriage. Let me tell you about my first crush, Brian. Okay, that...

Family life

4 Tips to Become a Patient Wife

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She’s always flying off the handle! She’s so hot headed! Boy does she have a short temper! Whatever you choose to call it—not being able to control yourself when you’re angry can...

Family life


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Everyone dreams of having a passionate and fulfilling marriage. Yet, few actually take the time to learn, plan, and invest in their relationships. Your crops will only yield as much...