How difficult is without the families?

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sabha


The past few weeks have been a life-changer for many. While the world is collectively facing the wrath of coronavirus, bringing the world to a standstill. Though it is families or singles.

It has brought down the economy, taken many lives, irrespective of age, status, financial condition. It has deprived many families of meeting their loved ones.

While many others are living in the uncertainty of whether they will meet their families again. It has been affected by people in many ways.

While all this known on the brighter side of things. I would like to point to a few of the good things that have happened in this current lockdown happening.

Is COVID-19 helping families to maintain a healthy relationship :

It has brought families together. In the present world, where technology dominated every part of our life, we have all been obsessed with our jobs, joining the rat race to survive.

Now that things have slowed down. People are working from home, men especially have begun to take notice of little things, appreciate all the small things in life.

They are appreciating their spouse’s contribution to the wellbeing of their family. How they work tirelessly without complaining?

 All this positive behaviour is bringing them close as family. It is making them realise what a great blessing it is to have a family, a spouse who cares about you to share your thoughts, fears and hopes.

It has also made several single people realise what it is like to be alone, stuck at home, wishing you had a loved one to hold your hand, to comfort you to tell you that everything will be fine In Shaa Allah.

To the people who have at least now realised that being single is not freedom and knowing the importance of having a loved one, kindly consider looking for a spouse.

 A person who will be your other half, completing your deen, encouraging you to do good.

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