Is marriage life infatuation or love?

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Author: Sabha


Infatuation is a moment of getting carried away by a toxic and addictive love. Love is feeling a strong sense of affection for someone else.

Love lasts for more than 2 years. However, infatuation can last for two days, six months, 1 year.

Perhaps infatuation is carried away by an unreasoned passion.

Love is in love with a person, and it can be permanent. Meanwhile, infatuation is a state where you are in love with love, and it is temporary.

In the infatuation stage, you might find solely a perfect person. Though you don’t get a perfect and it does not matter then that is love.

Difference between love and infatuation

Infatuation is daydreaming, but love is real. In the case of love, it is “I Love You”. In infatuation, it is “I want you”. If you have fallen in love you might feel secured, but infatuation is uncertain.

Love strengthens the time, and it is devotion without jealousy. Infatuation weakens your time, an emotion which lacks trust.

Meanwhile, love gives what the other person wants or desires for and it can be put on hold. But in infatuation, there is no pause for sex and a person can be a self-seeker.

Love comes from courage, honesty and experiences. But infatuation comes from popularity and physical attraction.

Lack of true love causes infatuation and if you don’t get this person, your mind will divert for the other person. Infatuation is usually fleeting and temporary, and it does not tend to differ.


Is my marriage life ‘ Love or infatuation’?

A healthy relationship requires these things

  1. Commitments – Dedication of time for spouse and family, etc… is necessary for marriage life. If there are no commitments, then the relationship cannot last for a longer period. Additionally, where there are no commitments there is no love, but it results in infatuation.
  2. Caring – Caring, nourishing affections, soft-hearted is an essential emotion in the marriage life. But infatuation is more about how others care for me. A guy or girl who seeks attention from you is infatuated but is not in love with you.
  3. Understanding -If there is no understanding between couples then they might have lots of arguments. But infatuation focuses solely on physical appearances.
  4. Honesty – Love is always true, a person can risk his/her life for love. An infatuated person risks your life.
  5. Disagreements -True love helps to solve any problems.

How infatuation spoils the marriage life?

When it comes to love there is no space for the class, race, language, culture, etc… But in infatuation all these things matter.

Too many couples are so attracted to each other. They make quick permanent plans to marry. Before they put the time, work and commitment into making sure they can keep the promises they make with one another.

Mostly, every teenager falls into this situation. We can aim to reach the sun, but we can’t aim to hold or touch the sun in our hands. If we try to reach too, we will be burnt. Aiming to reach the sun is love, but aiming to hold the sun is infatuation.

Love does not rush and it can’t come all of a sudden but when you are infatuated, it rushes you to marry though you abhor each other.


How to avoid an infatuation?

  1. Books-  Engage yourself in reading different genres give you divergent morals.
  2. Peace – When a person is depressed, anxious, worried he/she might fall in the stage of infatuation.  So keep your mind healthy, face your life. Don’t let others take advantage of your life.
  3. Accepting- Once again you can aim to reach the sun but you can’t aim to hold the sun. A person will never get everything he/she expects for until or unless you belong to the Royal family. Even the Royals can’t save their life from COVID-19.
  4. Quit caffeine-  It does not keep your emotions stable. Additionally, a person drinks coffee when he/she is pissed or depressed, etc. So avoid drinking coffee.
  5. Sugary foods- Depression always leads to infatuation. So eat lots of sugary or carbohydrates foods to balance your serotonin level. Do you know?  Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam’s favourite food is honey. It is a sugary item and all the Ayurvedic and Unnan medicines use honey as their ingredient for medicines.

How to avoid an infatuated person?

  1. Association- Avoid association with them like going out together, movies, etc..
  2. Avoiding- Avoid talking to them romantically and talk about your working period.
  3. Nicknames- perhaps, it is wrong to call someone by their nickname and Allah clearly states it in the Surah Al- Hujrath. But instead of calling the person honey, darling, sweetheart, you can call them through their names.
  4. Imagination- In infatuation, people get attracted to their physical appearance. So instead of getting attracted, one can imagine or draw an ugly picture.
  5. Flaws- You should laugh at the flaws of the person with whom you are getting infatuated. So you should not laugh rarely at their negative traits or features.


Prophet Muhammad Sallahu  Alayhi wa Sallam’s Advice

Marriage life needs love and not infatuation. Today youngsters are so rapidly due to technology. We don’t give time to analyse what and when our body needs something. Rushing for marriage is not a fault until or unless you have a pure partner.

That’s why Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam has asked both the men and women to lower their gaze. He has forbidden and cursed people not to look at the non-mehram after the first look.

Because our Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam has analyzed upon the infatuation and love.

Love is homogeneous and saturated. Infatuation is heterogeneous and unsaturated.



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