Homemaker or Job-oriented women? Your Choice!

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By Pure Matrimony -

Source : muslimapride.co.cc : ‘Homemaker or Job-oriented women? Your Choice!!’

It is extremely painful to write that the followers of Islam are, day by day, straying away from the Islamic way of life; started blindly copying the life styles of others, particularly of the westerners – Jews and Christians.

Prophet of Islam Muhammad (SAW) had over fourteen hundred years ago said: ”You will follow those before you, blindly inch by inch, so much so that if they enter a snake pit, you too will enter it.” someone asked: “O Prophet of Allah, by saying earlier people do you mean the Jews and the Christians?” Prophet replied: “Who else?” (Bukhari)

This article is very important for Muslim women who work in an environment which is prohibited in Islam; and also for men who push their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters to earn money. It is also argued that the women herself wants to become self-relying to live honourably in society and that she is not forced to earn money. Is it true? Not at all! Even if they say, force is not applied by her family members – husband and the in-laws etc. – it is definitely the crushing force from the social attitudes and the collective material outlook.

The western culture of today has created such an illusion which does not exist at all in practicality. That is why women are undergoing unimaginable painful sufferings in the west. Consequently, even a wife becomes a burden for her husband and also the children for their parents.

Islam is very sensitive to the chastity and purity of a women, it forbids free-mixing and unrestricted meeting between men and women. Islam considers it wrong to let man and woman mix with each other in their fields of work and let them involve in a severe test from where it is difficult to return. Islam not only forbids the act of adultery but also prohibits men and women to go near it. The Quran says: “Nor come nigh to adultery: For it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road, (to other evils).” (17:32).

It is not fair to women that she should be taken out from her natural field of work and be pushed into atypical field; it is not beneficial for her, and rather a great loss. The pain of menstrual period, pregnancy and delivery are inevitable. Man can hardly assist her in all these difficulties and complications. It is also not fair play if she is also given the responsibilities of man. The woman is the queen of house. She gets all the love and affection from her father, brother and husband and all the members of her family and all her rights are protected in the house. If a woman does not bear the responsibility of the house she cannot even claim her rights.

Sometime for earning and living, man struggles too severely, bears all kinds of pains and faces innumerable difficulties. For maintaining and uplifting his family, he overcomes insurmountable hardships. In such a state of affairs, he deserves mental peace and content. It is the home which can provide him with all the peace and rest. If he does not get peace even at his own home, it becomes too hard for him to live. Islam teaches that a women should make her home a ‘peaceful dwelling’ so that man should forget all his tensions and complications after reaching his home and prepare himself for a fresh struggle after breathing an air of gratification. If women work, she too, has to struggle at work and will be in need of peace at home which a man cannot give her.

It has become established fact that there is no better nourishment for child than the milk of his mother. If a mother does not stay at home and engages herself in outside work and activities, she cannot set herself for breast feeding, and then the proper nourishment of the child lacks! It is not just enough to give him proper nourishment but the child also needs love and affection, sympathy and an earnest devotion of his mother. Nobody else can take the place of a mother for playing a decisive role. If mother remains out of home, the child would yearn for the love of his mother and he will not get it.

For the purpose of Education of a child , it is necessary that his teacher should be very loving and devoted to him.

For the basic education and training of the child, mother is most suitable. For the purpose of education of a child, it is necessary that his teacher should be very loving and devoted to him. Children always copy or imitate their Teachers. Muslims pay very less attention on religious education. If the mother is capable of giving Islamic education to her children, they will not be ignorant of their religion, even after obtaining education in school.

Even for training the child, the role of the mother is most important and significant. It is the mother who stands as an ideal for a child. The child observes the morals and etiquettes of his mother day and night, and shapes his behaviour perceiving the behaviour of his mother. No one can teach better ethics and respect to the child except his very own, mother! The famous quote everybody knows “Behind every successful man there is a woman”, and almost every time it is a Mother. Love of mother is very much necessary for the child to get proper education, ethics, and most importantly respect towards females.

The fact is that the construction of a society depends upon the construction of a house. This is the reason that Islam has completely relied upon women to construct her house. Prophet Muhammad (s) said “If you educate one man you have educated one person, and if you have educated one woman you have educated a whole family”. Mother plays very significant role in the education of her children. Islam does not wish to thrust on her other burdens along with this responsibility. In the light of Islam, the construction of the house is no less important than jihad. Hazrat Anas (r) – a companion of Prophet – related that once a group of women asked Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that man perform some act and attain the reward of jihad, what we should do to get such reward which man get through jihad in the way of Allah? Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) replied that a woman who sits at home receives the reward of jihad in the way of Allah. (Ref: Tafseer Ibn katheer)

Many of the women who does job often gets irritated at work and they burst their anger on husband and children at home. Even women get irritated at the time of menstrual periods and they cannot handle the situations in this period. Much of the clashes between husband and wife will be in this period and women even burst out anger of the office and work place. They cannot do justice to the work as well as raising children at the same time. And God Almighty laid the primary duty of a woman to build the house by raising children because “today’s youths are tomorrow’s leaders”.

If we flip the pages of history, we come to know about the great women who trained their sons in such a way that they became scholars, scientist, doctors, warriors and what not! It is because of the training of the mother which helped the child to become passionate of his/her field and achieved success. A mother also creates another mother which in turn creates another creator of the history. The great women-companions of the prophet proved to be good mothers by effectively designing the home.

Islam allow (men and) women to work within the preview of Islamic shariah. Women can work in those fields where there are exclusively females and hijab can be observed strictly. Dignity of women is very much important in Islam and it gives utmost freedom and justice. We need female doctors, teachers, tailors, etc. which helps muslima to observe correct hijab. But the primary responsibility of the women is to protect her kingdom (i.e. home) and raise children because Allah has given a special quality to handle the house hold work to women rather than men. So she is the master of her field and no substitute can be found in her place.

Psychologist say, an expert is needed to handle and educate children. Imagine if the mother is well educated and spends the time with children then in no time our society will once again create a revolution like the companions of Prophet (pbuh).

An engineer is not bothered what happens in Medical field, neither do the doctor bothers about engineering field. Similarly, women should be master of her field and should not bother about men. Allah has given enough strength to men and women to work in their respective fields. If anyone – male or female – leaves their field then there will be natural imbalance in the society, which creates unnecessary havoc.

May Allah bless this effort with His favour and make it an instrument of understanding for us.
Source : muslimapride.co.cc : ‘Homemaker or Job-oriented women? Your Choice!!’

29 Comments to Homemaker or Job-oriented women? Your Choice!

  1. What about Prophet (SAW)’s wife, Khadijah who was a wealthy widow? She intemringled with men for her business, yet she was known as al Tahira. Why do you want to lock up women inside the house? It is true that their primary duty is to their family, but this article is non-sense. You take ayahs from the Quran and put them where they don’t even apply! How is going to work comparable to coming near adultery?? Get off your moral high horse and live in moderation, the way the phrophet (saw) encouraged us to.

  2. I agree with the comment above. To make these assumptions is to assume that there are never circumstances where the man is at home with the children and the woman is working. This happens and there are families that are completely fine with it. Khadija wasn’t a house wife and the prophet not only adored her, he admired her. I would much prefer a stable household where one or both parents are able to work (if they both agree to do so) than a home where the husband is miserable, comes home, and does not treat his wife like “a queen” but like a house maid. There are responsibilities, yes. But the realities of how everyone should be treated and how things REALLY are should be considered. Your utopian idea of a house wife and women only having a place at home is naive.

    • I totally agree with the comments above. There are so many reasons why muslim women work or even HAVE TO work outside of their home: Take for example widows or divorced women with children who have to earn money for their family because there is noone else to do it. Especially if they live in western countries nowadays they don`t always have the financial support from their families as it may be the case in “islamic” countries. Or the income of the husband is simply not sufficient for a family with several children in a western society. Moreover most muslim women are well educated, they have studied or learned a certain profession and could be useful for the whole society, especially for other muslims, or where do you think should muslim women go when they are in need of a doctor, especially if specific “female” needs are concerned? Or would you prefer them being treated by a male doctor? And talking about muslim men in western societies, they too face the same problem of having male AND female colleagues when going to work and according to your theory, those men come close to the danger of adultery every day – yet they are obliged to go to work and earn the income for their family as they are responsible for it according to the rules of Islam. The way of life you describe for muslim women may be possible in an ideal islamic country, but especially here in western societies it is not. I think that every muslima who has chosen or is forced to work by certain circumstances has her good reasons for doing so, and yet tries to follow islamic rules and stay within the limits of what is “halal” for her as best as she can in an imperfect world 😉

  3. This post doesn’t make any sense. The reason why these women are going out there to work is may be because their men are not providing for them the way they are suppose to.
    If you gone post a Hadith then post whole thing, I am sure this is not the whole Hadith and it properly doesn’t apply to this article. Islam never forbids women not to work but rather gives them the choice as long as they are following the correct Islamic law. Allah judges us by our intentions. The best scholars in Islam where women who use to teach the men. So what has changed so much to the point where we are not following the religion and constantly oppressing women? Why are we changing the religion to suit us rather then follow it how Allah intended it.

  4. Most of this article is pure nonsense. Interesting that the author is not even willing to say their name–makes you wonder if they’re afraid of being associated with these ideas.

  5. Agree…! I’m the one who choose to stay at home, but sometime i have my freelance job. But, sometime in the world, the situation is not fair for woman. For example : heir needs doesnt full fill, or they are treated bad by their husband. So it’s make woman struggle and push her to work out side.. What are the rights of women in this chase?

  6. What about women whose husbands do not provide for his wife and kids? He chooses to come home late as he wants to visit his parents and siblings EVERYDAY rather than coming home to spend time with his wife and children? The wife has no choice but to work to provide for her children. How can the wife find it in her heart to respect such man?

  7. Bcoz of this narrow minded thinking Muslim are still suffering & backwards I do not know who write this post but it’s totally bakwas article.He has to travel some Muslim countries before writing any other article.

  8. Very good article, MashAllah
    I think this is so true and I know this from my experience
    My mom works from noon and comes back at night at about 11 pm. When she comes back she is so tired, she can barely do anything and sometimes she gets really frustrated. We only get to spend weekends with her so I see where your going with the children needing their mother thing. I intend to be a housewife because I don’t want the situation to be that the husband and wife both come back from work tired and I also want to be there for my children.
    And it does make sense, the article is not saying women should NOT work, its saying there’s a choice (but it just outlines the benefits of being a home-maker) but if you do decide to work, make sure its in a halal setting. In my opinion if you decide to become a housewife, you should still be involved with your community and do things such as volunteer. I plan to do that, InshAllah 🙂

    • I agree with you! The women should stay at home THIER children need them the most and if you don’t want to be at home with your children and take care of your husband what is wrong with you? What areyou looking for outside of your home. Why is this dyuna more important to you then your family and Jennah? I’m a home maker and I homeschool my children and im very proud! There is nowhere that I would rather be then to be with my family!

  9. Pure nonesense, totally false, I agree with the other comments and I am sick and tired of hearing that women should hide and stay at home raising kids blablabla. Khadidja, peace be upon her, was a business woman and she is a model for women. Instead of trying to teach Islam to others, you really should take some courses yourself ! MUSLIM WOMEN EVERYWHERE, the Quran is enough to know what Allah wants from us, we don’t need anyone to tell us what to do !

  10. Al Sallamu Alaikum,
    I read some of this article, I have to say I don’t agree with most of what you’ve said. I’m a 24 year old Muslim woman, in full time work.
    As a professional I have to liaise with clients, men and women. It hasn’t turned me into some kind of adulteress (as for some reason you’ve quoted the Qur’an about adultery), nor has it lead me astray, infact it has helped to turn my life around.
    Working in the right profession and in the right working environment shouldn’t change anything about being a Muslim. In fact I love the freedom I get as I don’t need a man in my life to support me. I feel liberated. I have a good stable job, a great boss who is a wonderful Christian lady. She is understanding and respectful of my faith and my headdress.
    To me being told to stay at home and not work would mean oppression. In this day and age a woman must prove her status and by that I don’t mean be wealth but have a purpose in life. I value my mother for being a house wife but this is not something I want, and there are many women out there who feel the same way. I was unemployed for a while and it made me lose focus and I felt rather lost and had no purpose.
    Work in this day and age is what makes you. Of course I wouldn’t consider doing something like..I don’t know becoming a security guard, because I know my strengths and weaknesses. Saying that there are so many other professions out there that women could do just as good as men if not better.
    Islam is about moving forward, gaining knowledge, being part of the revolution. Always wanting to strive forward. This applies to both men and women. We need to better ourselves and be strong and hiding at home isn’t going to do that.
    Anyway these are just my thoughts.

    • People are so ignorant! And they are in love with this dyuna and don’t really care about Jennah. The prophet (SAW) said that the Muslims would be broken up into 70 secs and only 1 is going to Jennah. The women’s job is to take care of her family and that’s that.

      • ignorance seems to be creating disasters in the society , the very title says about your personal choice whether to work or to stay at home , however the article clearly states the criteria for those choices and also the better of the two

  11. I had one feeling along my reading to this article: I feel both shocked and staggered to read such thoughts supposed to be based upon shari’ah. Where did you hear that in the time of the Prophet SAAWS, women ALL stayed at home? They used to study, to help in wars, to assist as nurses and doctors, Umu Salama was famous for her knowledge of the Quran, Khadija bintu khouwailid was best known for her business talents,AIcha umu al mu’minin taught the hadith to all the companions and even led a war. You mentionned at the end of the article that,yes, a woman should be a doctor, a teacher, a tailor but it’s preferable for her to stay at home…what’s this contradiction???How can she learn a profession without going out to study and reach university??and when she finishes her studies, how can she help her sisters if she doesn’t practice in a hospital, in a school, in a company,in a bank???The Prophet SAAWS DID NOT PROHIBIT respectable exchange and relationships between men and women and this can be extened to all types of relationships:inside the family as well as in work places. You also developped the article as if all men were caring and so responsible about their sisters,mothers and wives?? Are you living in the same world we’re living in??DOn’t you hear of men beating their wives and daughters?preventing them from their rights before asking for their duties??Yes Islam came ALHAMDULILAH to end the jahiliya era where females were always demeaned and considered as maids and sexual objects. ALHAMDULILAH, ISLAM came to impose equality and parity male-female on many faces of daily life and duties and rights for each one of them considering where they are different. “Wa laqad Karamna bani adam wa hamalnahoum fi al biri wa al bahr..”Surat Al Israa. ALLAH mentionned “Bani Adam” not “Males alone”. Why are you implementing this rough and harsh thought that men and women compete rather than cooperate?Reality now is that many women are talented and this is a blessed and divine ni’ma,Who else except Allah Has Given us minds and brains and intelligence and wisdom? Both men and women who are blessed with talent, intelligence, good health and any other ni’mah have to use these ones in order to help the humanity and transmit the essence of the message of Islam: “Your Creator is Allah,Observe Him in every single thing you do and serve Him as you were told”. According to the prophet SAAWS: Allah likes to see the effect and the benefit of His blessings on His servants, and using this blessing for a praiseworthy and laudable purpose is the way how to sincerely thank Allah SWT for it. May Allah Bless this Ummah and revive our spirit with true and accurate understanding of our deen, ya rab,ameen.

  12. wow. There were alot of…. shocking points in this article. But the one thing I couldn’t stand was how a female having her menstrual cycle is equated to her being a emotional handicapped being. As for pregnancy in most respectable fields of work there is a such thing as both maternal and paternal leaves.

  13. AOA
    I have been working in a univeristy as student and teacher for the last 7 years. I have seen both the westren and eastren cultures. I THink that to go for job is not that big problem because it is now difficult to move back the whole society rather the thing important is how to go for a job if you are required and how to manage your children and familly.I agree to you that the time is changing and every body need to move forward but let me tell you that what you are seeing is an illusion. It is good to have education and if you want go to job but right now most of the muslim states are in the transitional states between the peaceful islamic society than the westren one. So it seems to be helpfull for the needy people to have support with job and girls not getting married to work instead of just wasting time with television internet etc and may be extremely helpful for those being in problem because of familly problems. BUT the diffuculties faced today are much easier than those we will have in the next world. When HAZART UMer was dying one of the relatives said to him you are leaving 12 sons with few dinars so let us give you some money. He replied that I can not have money from illegel means and I could not be burnt for this wordly wishes so i did what i could and dont need your money earned from they ways prohibited and left his sons with virtue and world has seen that his sons used to give number of horses in donations and the other ones use to beg money infront of the same mosque. But now a days because of the irresposbility of elder brothers or father or familly and because of expanding social requirements some how you need to come out SO please Do not waste yourself for the hard time. Do what so ever you could do. Take education and if you have a hard time do a job but dont leave you respect as most of the girls are doing. Have your scarf and hijab and be proud of it instead of proud of hair cut and dress. And then go out with confidence and lower your eyes and make your voice not too beautiful while talking to others. And Allah will protect you and the society INshALlah

  14. Wow after reading that article it has given the impression that a person is trying to teach others the ways of Islam but needs to be taught themselves. There are some points which make sense such as A women should be able to look after her children and teach them so they can have knowledge and become doctors, scholars etc then why can it not be the same for them if they can teach it to there children they can do it themselves. In this day and age a man cannot support a family on his own even being on a good income as living in a western society is difficult when it comes to running a household. A husband and wife should both work as they can teach there children knowledge as well as giving them stability. It is sad that in most cases women cannot work but that is why them families have more of a struggle. And their husbands are trying to support a family and then coming home and to tired to interact with the wife or children so were is the love and togetherness of the family. In Islam men and women are equal so if a man can work so can a women asking as she has good intentions and doing it for the right reasons. She can still run the house hold whilst working. And in the end we will all go to our Own graves and Allah swt will judge us. So if women have comited a sin for working they will get the punishment but that is not for us to say only Allah sat noes

  15. Thank you everyone for voicing these comments! I think this article is oversimplifying an issue that has many many factors. Working and raising children is not a mutually exclusive choice and I know a lot of strong women (MashAllah) who have done an amazing job in both respects. If a woman is aware of her limits as a Muslimah and is observing the correct behavior/attire, then (and I say this after observing all of the hadith cited above and the hadiths of Umm-ul-Mu’mineen) Islam does not limit her in this regard because she is a woman and not a man.

  16. I live in Singapore, and being in a fast-paced society both parents have to work. What i understand from this article is that wOmen are given the choice to work or not to work. If she chooses to work, ensure that the setting is in a halal one that doesnt risk herself islamicly or otherwise.

    After i have children,i intend to leave work and care for them, as i know i may not be able to care for them holistically if i were working. As a women, i am proud to stay home and care for my family. Insyallah, Allah will take care of us and my husband will be able to provide for us.

    Sisters, dont take the article extremely. Everyone knows when a women is PMSing we are more emotional. But of course we dont become emotionally handicapped. Plus, it is not that Islam disallows us women to work, Islam says that men are responsible for that and women are responsible for raising children the way ONLY a mother can. Men cant raise them like we do. Nonetheless, if we wanted to work.. Then by all means, work, and try to share the burden of raising a family between the couple.

    It’s your choice sisters.

  17. read the post. Really appreciate the work you people are doing here. I wish to add to the article some ideas.
    #. islam gives great importance to women. Women are really important to the whole society at large.
    Their importance is shown by the fact that a husband is duty bound to fulfil every need of his wife. They don’t have a need to go out to get things themselves.
    #. Women are special. They don’t have to leave the premise of their homes. Their safety depends on that.
    #. Women have to be taken care of. That is the duty of men. That’s truth.
    Finally, don’t be afraid of saying the truth. These weak people can’t harm you or us in any way. No one can prevent us from spreading The message of allah
    because truely speaking almighty is on our side in this war. Smile now. You are doing a great job.
    Anyways I am always avaliable for any help you may need, just ask and I’ll be happy to oblige.

  18. Assalam Walekum,

    I would also like to comment on this article.

    I am from a poor family. I have seen many phases in my life where people impose their desire and weakness in the name of Allah. I dont wanna write my story here i just want to highlight few things.

    1. Suppose when a boy or a girl want to do study but family specially father do not allow their children because he thinks People need to learn Arabic and the The Quraan not science not maths because we will die and he talk about only day after life. And a mother who is totally dependent on father some how try to give best education to her child . she earns money through small home made work. she raise her child so what is she ? A house wife or she is struggling because somebody understood Islam incorrectly?

    I can show you many Muslims who still enforce their child to learn Quraan and Urdu. It not only in India its a worldwide scenario.

    2. All over the world maximum Muslims are illiterate. they dont have food . Their child are not healthy , They cant get good education, They dont know wats beyond Islam even they dont know what is Islam.

    Please Please Please don’t be hypothetical. If you cannot change with the time. if you cannot write practical fact dont misguide people. dont give them illogical reason.

    Do you have data? How many Muslims in this world are getting good food, clothes and house.
    I have seen lots of video of Maulana what they talk what they do i know.

    If you say that if Girls work they cant create balance then you should collect facts. I know lots of doctors and engineer girls who are responsible and professional.Who offer Namaz five times and go theier office as well. Who teach their child.

    And why people dont do comparison study? Why we talk only about Muslims ? Collect data from other religions you will difinately get lots of working and happy couple.

    And i dont wanna say more things Just see above long long comments. Who are writng here? Are they non Muslim? No they are muslims who understand importance of facts. They understand why Muslims have lost their real picture. They can do comparison where people in our religion misguiding us.

    My request is Please time needs change. Do change or dont change others.

  19. Here is a typical example of online “fatwa’s” delivered by unqualified members of the Muslim community. My first question to the author is; what warrants you the right to speak on Islam? Being a Muslim? Nope…being a Muslim it is your foremost responsibility to abide by every principle of Islam until perfected, before you may try to guide any other soul-as per the example of the Prophet.
    For you to make such declarations about the role of women under Islam, you need to have completed thorough research of the topic, from the advent of the religion to today. For such comprehensive studies, keen scholars acquire their doctorates in order to *attempt* in becoming a master of the field. Have you such credentials? Your level of literary skills, lack of research/resources inserted in the article, complete absence of relevant Qur’anic references, and incoherent flow of argument all scream to unveil your qualifications as little to none.
    While we suffer from inexplicable symptoms such as headaches, we hasten to acquire the medical advice of a Neurologist—why then do we abduct and resort to any less awarded personnel when it is regarding ISLAM. Islam is no less than a science and unless we acquire the appropriate knowledge and vest a lifetime in the field we have no right to make such acclamations! You will not try to diagnose your own disease, will you? Then how dare you attempt to write on what the liturgical Islamic text withholds about women!? Only a few of your errors:
    “It is extremely painful to write that the followers of Islam are, day by day, straying away from the Islamic way of life…” —really? 2009 poll states there are 1.6 billion Muslims; have you even met HALF of that to make such a claim?
    “This article is very important for Muslim women who work in an environment which is prohibited in Islam”- Please state ONE verse from the Qur’an that categorically describes the environmental conditions under which a woman is permitted to work?
    “Islam is very sensitive to the chastity and purity of a women, it forbids free-mixing and unrestricted meeting between men and women”- Provide ONE verse from the Qur’an that supports your claim.
    Though Islam does bestow upon the woman the duty of the caretaker of the home, it is not merely a woman’s responsibility to maintain a sense of “peace” or to relieve her husband of stress when he arrives from a stressful day of work. Quite on the contrary, Islam is ethically, morally, and spiritually an egalitarian religion proven by the following verse: “They are clothing for you and you are clothing for them” (2:187). Another verse associated with marital relations gives a sense of mutual submission between a husband and wife, “And due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them, according to what is reasonable. But the men have a degree over them [in responsibility and authority]. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise” (2:228). Though men are given a degree over women, it is clarified that it is in terms of their role of protector and provider that they have a higher degree of responsibility.
    First and foremost, there is “absolute moral and spiritual equality of men and women”:
    For Muslim men and women,
For believing men and women,
    For devout men and women,

    For true [truthful men and women,
    For men and women who are
    Patient and constant, for men
    And women who humble themselves,

    For men and women who give

    In charity, for men and women

    Who fast (and deny themselves),
    For men and women who
    Guard their chastity, and

    For men and women who
    Engage much in God’s praise,
For them has God prepared
    Forgiveness and a great reward. (Sura 33:35)
    Third verse in turn that is noteworthy when pertaining to gender in the eyes of Allah, is the verse that bestows equal importance to the work of women:
    “‘Do not covet those things by which God has preferred some of you more over others; to the men is a share of what they earned and to the women a share of what they earned; and ask God for his blessing, for God is all-knowing’ (4:32). Lastly, this verse delineates the economic equality of men and women. While the Qur’an explicitly forbids certain acts, it does not link these acts to any particular type of work women performed. Thus, recurring themes include buying, selling, bartering, signing contracts, sowing, harvesting, and so on and no indication of what work women can perform”.
    Though there are some Hadith passages that elaborate on what work is forbidden to women and men alike, but those provisions are pertaining to “establishing a moral code for earning a living since all jobs had to be moral and acceptable to God”.
    My friends, according to Islam a woman is not limited to her homely duties. There is a fundamental disagreement between the fiqh, which is the fact of Islam based upon primarily the Qur’an and secondarily the traditions of the Prophet and that which was implemented by those who ruled the societies, as in men. There is no evidence of liturgical Islamic text that would refute or limit the movement of women, rather the male prerogative that has abrogated the text as was suitable for their interests and needs. Please read of Islamic history thoroughly, of Islamic law, of the true Islam- the Islam implemented by the Prophet himself; before you make outlandish statements about the religion. Follow the compassionate, understanding, and liberating role of the Prophet Muhammad.

  20. As said by u that womens should not work and islam or Muslims r embracing ways that jews or Christians r following,well im against ur views of u saying womens from a muslim religion should not work,if u see the rate of inflation which is rising at a very good pace it is really difficult for a middle class peoples or Families to survive on behalf of a single income of a person as far as the modesty and Grace of a women is concerned every women who is a Muslim knows very well how to do her work with grace maintaining her dignity anywhere she is working .And today it is a necessity for every women be it a muslim or a hindu to be educated and working for future uncertainities,and to be independant

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