A Growing Concern: The Unjustifiable Pressure for Baby Boys

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Tasnim Nazeer

Source: www.aaila.org

I would like to start off this article by reiterating the fact that in my opinion both baby girls and boys are an absolute blessing from the Almighty and not one gender should be shown preference over the other.

Unfortunately I have come across the fact that in many communities around the world there is still a prevalent pressure for women to give birth to baby boys as opposed to baby girls even in the 21st Century. This is an extremely concerning mentality and is one that affects parents, families and the unborn child in later life.

I have listened to stories of sisters who have been subjected to torture or some form of verbal and physical abuse from their in-laws or extended family after finding out that they are carrying a baby girl.  The fact that anyone could harm an unborn baby based on gender or families inflicting pain on another family member due to carrying the blessing of a baby girl has really disturbed me. You may find me naïve but I have never in my life experienced or come across such narrow-minded mentalities whom really need to be aware that such destructive thoughts of aborting baby girls go against the tenets of Islam and most religions.

The desire for baby boys over baby girls is not just confined to one religion or one community and it is a problem that needs to be dealt with especially when it comes to mothers having to forcibly abort their baby if found to be a girl. This is an injustice of human rights and an absolute disgrace to humanity. Do people not realize that they were born from a female womb?

In 7th Century Arabia our blessed Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) made a groundbreaking decision to abolish the practice of burying baby girls and raised awareness on the blessings of having a daughter.  The Arab Pagans of the 7th Century would inflict torture on a mother who was found to be carrying a baby girl and would often bury them. Thankfully, our blessed Prophet Muhammad gave women their rights to keep their baby girls and abolish this traumatizing practice. It is so unfortunate that this mentality is still prevalent in certain societies today. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever has three daughters and is patient with them and gives them to drink and clothes them, they will be a protection for him against the Fire.”

This hadith clearly states the benefits of having daughters as if we are to give them a proper upbringing and look after them and be thankful for them they could be our entry into Paradise.

Baby girls and boys are an ultimate blessing from Almighty Allah (Swt). I am currently expecting my fourth child and with each of my children I have always wanted them only to be healthy and have been happy with the decree of Allah (Swt). I currently have one daughter and 2 boys and both I and my husband really do not mind whatever gender our children are as long as they are healthy and happy we are pleased and grateful to our creator for giving us the blessing and responsibility of raising and bringing up a child.

We should all remember that  it is the decree of Allah (Swt) as to whether a married couple has a girl or boy child or whether they even have children at all. We should all find mercy and love in the decree of Allah (swt) and learn to remember that we should be grateful for what we have been given and grateful for what we have not been given because perhaps there is some good in it that we are not aware of and the knowledge rests with our beloved creator Almighty Allah (Swt).

May Allah (Swt) guide us all on the straight path and enable us to be thankful and grateful for every blessing and learn to appreciate our children be they girls or boys.

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