Tip Of The Week – Be Careful What You Call People To

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Be careful what you call people to, for verily Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “Anyone who calls people to guidance has the same reward as that received by those who follow it, without that decreasing their reward in any way. Anyone who calls people to misguidance, is attributed with wrong actions the same as those who follow it, without that decreasing their wrong actions in any way.” [Muslim]

This astounding hadith summarises the very essence of what being a good Muslim involves – calling people to good and shunning those who do bad. What greater reward can there be for the heart when you know you are doing your best to guide those you love around you to good.

And how evil is the one who deliberately calls people to do bad things so that not only is their akhirah ruined as a result, but they ALSO get the sins of the people whom they taught bad things to!

May Allah SWT protect us all from the evil of our own bad deeds, and protect others making an example out of them. And may Allah SWT give us the ability to do good and influence good in others ameen.

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