Tip Of The Week – Mind Your Deen on Social Media!

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Some people asked Allah’s Messenger (saw), “Whose Islam is the best? i.e. (Who is a very good Muslim)?” He replied, “One who avoids harming the Muslims with his tongue and hands.” (Bukhari)

Islam is a very practical way of life and Allah SWT gives us good morals and actions with such hikmah.  In today’s world, people have little tolerance for one another and very little good to say to one another – especially on places like Facebook and other social sharing sites.

The key is to guard your deen and your good deeds by being mindful of your tongue more than anything. It’s easy to say something bad to someone on Facebook when you’re angry, but the second someone has seen it, you’ve lost good deeds.

For each person who sees anything bad written about anyone else, you’ve instantly gained sins which eat away at your good deeds. And every person who likes and shares this information will not only gain a great sin, but the person who STARTED the post will get ALL the sins of the people who shared this information!

Why risk your akhirah for a moment of anger?

This is why the Prophet SAW said: “The strong man is not the one who can throw another down. The strong man is the one who can keep hold of himself when he is angry.” (Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim)

May Allah SWT make us all from amongst those who don’t get angry and are mindful of our words and actions amen.

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