Dealing with the fiancé or husband is hypersensitive

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By Pure Matrimony -

An overly sensitive life partner is quickly affected by things others think are perfectly normal. He acts on the basis of his feelings more than any motivation. He is also hesitant and hesitant. He does not make decisions easily. He likes to rely on others. He has a sense of insecurity, fears many things and seems unsure of himself. Himself before you and in front of the children and always pity himself and think that the poor is broken on his command and believes that he is weak and that the other party is cruel and here we will explain the simplest ways to deal with him:
1 – I feel safe:
This is the first step and the most important step in dealing with the other side is hypersensitive. I must inform you of your confidence in him, his thinking, his appreciation of things and his feelings with your interest in him, and make him trust in himself and his work and hear him positive words and praise his choices and form and manner of confusion
2 – Avoid criticism:
Even if you are a critic of your character Keep critical comments for yourself Do not tell him to criticize the person is hypersensitive Do not tell him I do not like you so and so because even if the comment and criticism is too small and simple it is enough to destroy the relationship with your partner is highly sensitive
3. Apology:
You have to apologize, even if you believe that you did not hurt him, but excessive sensitivity, any behavior of you in good faith can provoke anger and resentment and must know that this sensitivity is excessive and the pattern of character, you have to adapt to them but the apology is simple and easy only tell him that you are sorry and did not hunt that
4 – Avoid arousing jealousy:
Some men are hypersensitive and have an excess of safety, so when you raise jealousy, you destroy the relationship, but make it feel like the only man in this world and give him the support he needs and the nation by encouraging him to achieve his goals and tell him that you find it distinctive and attractive and work in a nice way to treat you in a nice way It is the mirror that reflects your image
5 – deal with him clearly:
The more you deal with him, the clearer he is, the better he will be confused and the more confused he will be, the more you feel insecure, so you have to tell him what you want, and if you want to go out with him to go somewhere, just tell him if you do not like him. The way he behaves in a situation is only his news. Do not worry, this will not scare him, but he will appreciate it and will respect your desire and will implement it
6 – Be patient:
There is a time when you will be angry because of excessive sensitivity but it is important to be patient during these times and remind yourself of the beautiful qualities that you love in it will reduce your feelings of anger and avoid raising your voice so as not to avoid talking with you patience and understanding and accept the other are the keys to any successful relationship, It has an overactive side
7 – Accept his behavior:
People who are hypersensitive have a love and passion towards pets so they can be volunteers in an association that is interested in doing animal services. This aspect of his personality can make him feel surprised and misunderstood, but you accept him as he is and give him his own space and his chance to do so.
8. Avoid relying on it:
When dealing with hypersensitive you have to learn to be the source of support for him and also you have to deal with your life without adding any burden or any responsibility for it and this includes the professional and emotional aspects Sensitive people tend to think excessively in their problems with the nearest people to them so you must deal with your problems Special
9. Choose joint activities:
You should choose the joint activities wisely because the activities loved by ordinary people do not like hypersensitivity. You should choose quiet activities such as cooking or watching television and avoiding sports and games that make people prone to aggression for a better relationship with the sensitive partner
10. Be a good listener:
If you want to succeed in your relationship you should know that it is important to be a good listener. Of course, men are hypersensitive. They are good listeners, but they need someone else who is a patient listener and you must be aware that your lack of attention to what you are saying and ignoring you is very hurtful.
11. Be positive:
Be optimistic, happy and always smiling and enjoy positive thinking because people are allergic to being a bit afraid of losing the source of happiness and feeling of pain so you have to reassure him that you will always be next to him under any circumstances, obstacles and problems and that you will overcome anything together

But the person is hypersensitive to have the characteristics you must know to deal with him better than that he speaks in a friendly way and tries to win others words and does not say any words hurt others and listen with genuine attention and interact with the updated honestly and it seems humility and harmony and feel the other party before speaking and complimenting others And to put values at the top of his priorities so you dear Eve to meet the sensitive partner as it is and deal with him with sensitivity and calmness

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