Tip Of The Week – Developing Empathy for the Ummah

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By Pure Matrimony -

Muslims are facing great difficulty in Palestine, Mali, Burma, Syria, Bangladesh, Guantanamo Bay and prisons across the World where they are unjustly being locked up.  They are facing trials and tribulations across the World whether it is due to oppression or poverty.  As Muslims we believe that all other Muslims are like brothers and sisters no matter where they are. What connects us is our belief and Love for Allah Subhana wa ta‘ala which is a strong bond.


The Prophet (salAllahu alayhis-wasalam) said:  ‘The believers are like the parts of the body in relation to each other in matters of kindness, love and affection.  When one part of the body is afflicted, the entire body feels it.’ [Sahih al-Bukhari]


Islam places on us many responsibilities, one of which is caring and having concern for the entire Ummah.  We need to reflect on the words of the Prophet (saw) and think about how we can show kindness to those who are afflicted whether it is through making sincere du’a, giving sadaqah or standing against the injustices faced by our brothers and sisters in other countries.  We should also make it a habit to do this consistently.  This will cultivate our love for our unnamed brothers and sisters, and the reward of this is with Allah insha’Allah.


2 Comments to Tip Of The Week – Developing Empathy for the Ummah

  1. jamila kabiru mado

    I ask ALLAH SWA to grant all the muslim umma across the globe that are facing trials ease and comfort.May ALLAH grant all the ability to withstand all kind of trials!May ALLAH deals with those that are behind it.May the hypocrates among the muslim umma be guided.May we altogether meet one day in JANNAH in the midst of our beloved RASULILLAHI SAW.Ameen

  2. Niyaz Ahmad Qadri

    Rabbanaa la Tuzig quloobana ba’da iz hadyTanaa wa Hab lanaa min ladunKa rahmah innaKa Antal Wahhaab !

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