Tip Of The Week: Don’t Hurt People Unintentionally

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By Pure Matrimony -

Allah SWT tests some people by giving them hardships and tests others by withholding His favors   Sometimes we can risk hurting someone’s feeling unintentionally by being careless in our speech and/or lacking sensitivity.  When conversing with people we should try and be mindful that our words do not cause others undue hurt.  We can prevent this by careful considering other people’s circumstances and trying to ‘walk in their shoes’.

The following great advice was given by Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) and something that should be in the forefront of our minds when conversing with people.

“Don’t talk about your riches in front of the poor,
don’t talk about your good health in front of the sick,
don’t talk about your power in front of the weak,
don’t talk about the joys of your life in front of the sad ones,
don’t talk about your freedom in front of the captivated,
don’t talk about your children in front of those who can’t have any,
and don’t talk about your parents in front of the orphans, for their wounds cannot withstand more”


May Allah SWT give us the patience to think before we speak so we don’t hurt or offend others. Ameen.

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