10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Marriage Is Dying

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It’s perfectly normal to have ups and downs in your marriage…but what happens when there are more downs than ups? What happens when those downs seem to be spiralling out of control?

Here are 10 signs your marriage is dying a slow and painful death… Plus we’ll share how you can get your marriage back on track for success.

1.  The Silence Is Deafening

They say silence is golden… but when you’ve got nothing left to say to one another anymore, silence can be deafening. All you can hear is the sound of your life floating by and your own thoughts of doubt about your spouse knocking loudly at the door of despair.

2.  Constant Criticism and Humiliation

A common sign that your marriage is in desperate need of an emotional makeover is you and your spouse are hyper-critical of one another. You feel as if you can’t do anything right, and the constant pressure of trying to live up to your spouse’s expectations are wearing you down.

3.  You Keep It To Yourself

When you’ve got issues, problems or even good news, you would rather keep it to yourself or save it for a friend or family member than share it with your spouse. The inability to share your feelings with your other half is usually because you feel they won’t care about what’s happening in your life, and is a major cause of feeling emotionally disconnected.

4.  You Stop Caring About Yourself

Refusing to make an effort for your spouse or letting yourself go is a sign of depression, anxiety and feelings of indifference and deep-seated resentment towards your spouse. In other words, you’re too upset to care what they think of you.

5.  Sticking Your Head In The Proverbial Sand

If you constantly find ways to distract yourself from being present in your marriage, this is a major sign of discontent. Spending hours watching the TV, reading books, staying away from home or prolonging time with friends or work so you don’t have to come home is the same as burying your head in the sand. Whatever your problems are, you’re clearly not dealing with them properly.

6.  Same Stuff, Different Day

A common thread in marriages which are dying is you repeatedly argue over the SAME issues, without any kind of resolution. This only happens in marriages which are fixated on un-resolved issues. Remember the golden rule: If you stay stuck in the past, you’ll ruin the present and definitely have no future.

7.  The Only Fun You Have Is On Your Own

If having fun and going out are activities you only reserve for your friends, it’s time to face up to facts: Your marriage is going downhill…FAST.

8. You’ve Lost That Loving Touch

If the thought of being intimate with your spouse is enough to turn you OFF, you’ve got some SERIOUS problems. Worse, if the thought of being close to your spouse makes you feel angry, upset or ready to throw up, know that you’re teetering dangerously on the edge of divorce.

9. Everything Is Their Fault

You know when your marriage is well and truly over when you start blaming your spouse for EVERYTHING. Somehow or the other, it’s their fault. You’ll find a way to implicate them in everything.

10. You’ve Got Nothing In Common

It’s ok to have different hobbies as long as you share some interests or attempt to find something in common. When there is nothing in common and you find each other more like strangers living in the same house, it’s time to get some help.


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6 Comments to 10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Marriage Is Dying

  1. Salamu alaikum. I am going through all of the above and more. I am so depressed in my marriage I don’t know what to do.

  2. Pray and seek talking therapy with someone who has Islamic knowledge and maybe someone whose not related so there can’t be no bious or judgment. Talk to your husband tell him you feel this way and discuss your problem with him n ask him what he feels if he wants to save this marriage or not. Pray a lot ask for Allah to show you the way.. it easier said than done but these are first steps.

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