15 Signs You’re REALLY Ready For Marriage!

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Are you really ready for marriage?

Here’s a question for you – are you really ready for marriage? Almost everyone thinks they are ready to get married, but sometimes the reality is far from it!

So here’s 15 signs you’re really REALLY ready to get married!

  1. You’re busy planning for your future instead of planning for a wedding
  2. You’re looking to add value to someone else’s life, rather than expecting for them to come and fix or solve everything wrong in your life
  3. You’re interested in helping your spouse attain jannah
  4. You value differences in people and are open minded
  5. You understand that marriage can mean making compromises and accept this reality
  6. You’re not stuck in a Bollywood movie – because you get that real life isn’t always about romance, but takes hard work!
  7. You want a soul mate and not someone you pick and choose when to be with
  8. You fully understand that marriage requires sacrifice on your part and don’t expect your spouse to do everything for you
  9. You have the means to support your spouse – for brothers, this means being able to provide for your wife. For sisters, this means supporting your husband so he can provide for you
  10. You totally get that there is no ‘I’ in your relationship, because marriage is about being a team
  11. You have the responsibility and maturity to handle a spouse and not selfishly think about yourself all the time
  12. You are confident and comfortable with yourself and don’t need a spouse to validate you as a person
  13. You know exactly what you want in your life partner
  14. Your future life plans include your spouse and not just you, yourself and I!
  15. You’re marrying to truly complete half your deen, and are willing to do what it takes to actively keep working on your marriage and make it work

If you can identify and accept these realities, this is a sure sign that indeed, you’re ready for marriage.

Once you’re ready, you now need to know how to find the person most compatible with you! Our FREE ‘Prepare for Marriage Toolkit’ contains everything you need to identify the right person for you.


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9 Comments to 15 Signs You’re REALLY Ready For Marriage!

  1. Slmz this was truly an interesting to read and questions I haven’t asked myself or thought about jazakallah for opening my eyes to a bigger picture. ..

  2. It true may Allah
    guide us to the straight path, may we have the spouse that will be dedicated as we are. Ameen

  3. Naseer Ahmmad

    Jazaki ALLAH khair dear sister for your rewarded efforts from one omnipotent creator ALLAH the omnipotent , nothing is hidden neither on heavens nor on earth from ALLAH the omnipotent that’s why in eternal(afterkufe) undestructible and unending paradise(Jannah) there are hundreds levels and the distance between each level is like the distance between heaven and earth and ALLAH the omnipotent will accommodate and Levelize all the believers according to their true belief or true EEMAAN and according to their true honest good deeds and actions in different levels of eternal paradise(Jannah). That’s why we are all tested in this too short temtitive and deceptive transit choice test life with our very temporarily worldly knowledge,educations, with our very temporarily worldly PhDs , master degrees bodies, looks , authorities, wealth(money) etc…… these are all very temporarily worldly blessings or gifts and we all lose it at any time when its predestined for us even if we been on earth for thrillions of years with these temporarily worldly tools or objects or blessings it’s time is less than one minute comparing to eternal(afterlife) consequence life. That’s why ALLAH the omnipotent says you never know what you get to morrow and you never know when your temporarily worldly body dies or expires, ALLAH the omnipotent also says your very temporarily worldly wealth(money) and your children or your family your (wife and children) must not neglect you or make you ignorant from reminding me(obeying my orders and commands) and those who do so they are the losers. That’s why we must and have to all the time ask ALLAH the omnipotent for beneficial knowledge and accepted deeds by ALLAH the omnipotent not that knowledge which will be a burdon over us in the day of judgment and not that deeds and actions which lead us to the hell fire. Aameen ya Rabul Aalameen. To ALLAH the omnipotent our very temporarily worldly knowledge and PhDs or master deters or our literate writings etc.. are not important that we might boast on it ,what important to ALLAH the omnipotent is only our true belief or our true EEMAAN and our true honest good deeds and actions nothing else and it will only save or rescue us after our temporarily worldly body death. please forgive me for any mistakes I made as I do not possess any temporarily worldly PhD or master degree by temporarily worldly universities and do not posses vast English vocabulary any mistakes you see it in my writing which is it according to the English language rules please forgive me for that , only learned it through listening Islamic lectures and through Google or Internet. Wish you all the best of both lives. sincerely and truly Naseer Ahmmad

  4. Marriage on my mind.. but after reading this, I know for sure I’m not ready for marriage. I have to start making myself ready.

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