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A Successful Marriage: The Missing Link

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Source: Author: YasminMogahed  “And among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put...


The Maker And Breaker Of Hearts!

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When people go through difficult times, it is because we are tested by Allah SWT, or because we are tested by what we have done with our own hands. Allah...


When Soul Mate Becomes Stale Mate

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While out dining with my sister today, I saw something which really saddened me. I saw a young, Muslim couple eating in sheer silence. Ok, so we know it’s the...


Sexual perversion in Islam

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Source Part of the Quranic perspective of the universe is that Allah Almighty controls everything in this world. Being the Creator of life and death, He is also the...