Death in Sujood on Her Wedding Night

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By Pure Matrimony -

True strory told by Shaykh “Abdul Mohsen al Ahmad”, it happened in Abha (the capital of Asir province in Saudi Arabia)
“After performing Salat Al Maghrib, she put her make-up, wore her beautiful white dress preparing herself for her wedding party, Then she heard the Adhan of ‘Ishaa and she realized that she broke her Wudu
she told her mother : “mother, I have to go to make wudu and pray ‘Ishaa”
Her mother was shocked : “Are you crazy?!! Guests are waiting for you, to see you! what about your make -up? It will be all washed away by water!!” then she added:
” I am your mother and I order you not to perform salah now! wallahi if you make wudu now, I will be angry at you”
Her daughter replied :”wallahi I won’t go out from here till I perform my salah! Mother you must know that “There is no obedience to any creature in disobedience to the Creator.”!!
Her mother said:”what would our guests say about you when you’ll show up in your wedding party without make-up?! You won’t be beautiful in their eyes! and They will make fun of you!”
The daughter asked with a smile :”Are you worried because I won’t be beautiful in the eyes of creations? What about my Creator?! I am worried because, if I miss my salah, I won’t be beautiful in His eyes”
She started to make wudu, and all her make-up was washed away, but she didn’t care
Then she began her salah and at the moment she bowed down to make sujud, she didn’t realize that it will be her last one!
Yes! She died while in sujud! What a great ending for a Muslimah who insisted on obeying her Lord! Many people who heard her story were so touched!!
She put Him and His obedience first in her priorities, so He granted her the best ending that any Muslim would have!
She wanted to be closer to Him, so He took her soul in the place where Muslim are the closest to Him! Subhana Allah!
She didn’t care if she would be beautiful in the eyes of creatures so she was beautiful in the eyes of Her Creator!

O Muslim sister, imagine if you are in her place! What will you do? What will you choose : pleasing creations or your Creator?
O dear sister! Do you guarantee that you will live for the next minutes? Hours? Months?!!
No one knows when their hour will come? Or when will they meet angels of death? So are you ready for that moment?
O non hijab sister! What do you choose : Pleasing yourself by not wearing Hijab or pleasing your Lord by wearing hijab?
Are you ready to meet Him without Hijab?
And what about you, sister who are “in relationship” or “open relationship”, are you ready to meet your Lord today? Tomorrow?! What do you choose pleasures of this Dunya or pleasures of akhirah?!
May Allah guide us all to what pleases Him and grant everyone who is reading these lines good ending, Ameen.

98 Comments to Death in Sujood on Her Wedding Night

  1. Ya Allah what a touched storry. Allah ya jinkan tah. am asking all my sisters and brother let’s pray 4 our self that Allah may grant us our heart disire, long life, good health in our family and the first of all fear of Allah. I pray Allah should help us make and leave a better life, amin ya rabbi

    • It will all come to happen. When you see the angel of death
      U will realise what the truth is. As a brother in humanity i ask you please search for the truth . You will not be dissapointed . Read some quran and see for yourself how beautiful allahs words are. May Allah guide us all
      To the straight path. Ameen. Ya raab al alamin

  2. Adam Mohammed

    Oh! ALLAH give me support and keep me the right path. I feel sorry for myself, ALLAH forgive my sins and grant me YOUR mercy…. ALLAHU AKBAR KABIIRAAH!!!

  3. Fashola Saidat

    Inna liLahi, wa inna ilaihi rajiunn. Oh Allah forgive her her misdeed, expand her grave, use all her acts on duniyah as an act of ibadah, use them for and not against her on yaomu-l-qiyamoh. Oh Allah, I also pray for forgiveness of sin. I wish and long for such rahma, call upon me while I am obeying your priciple on earth. Ameen summo Ameen

    • Mudathir Teniola

      Ameen to ur duah sister…may Allah grant me such a distinguished favor as well after aving hopefully lived a long pious life! Rabbana Aateena fee dun’ya wa fil aakhirati hassanata wakeena athaaba n naar……Ameen!

  4. adebisi mutiu

    Ma sha ALLAH, this is great, may ALLAH help us with our faith and guide us to be able to worship HIM till death.

  5. Allahu Akbar Kabeeran!!!
    Dis really touched me 2 d bottom of my heart. May Almighty Allah increase my Iman, grant my heart desires n giv me long lyf in gud health n wealth 2 WORSHIM Him til d end of my lyf. May Allah take my Soul @ my Sujood (Amin)

  6. this is a lesson for myself.yesterday i went out just to commit adultry against my lord and i did not able to do my ragrib and isha salat.the question at hand now what if i had lost my life during that time.subuhanalai

    • mohammad umair

      Brother never reveal your sins to anyone except ALLAH(SWT) ‘coz he didnt reveal your bad act but you yourself did.So you see even then ALLAH(SWT) kept the dignity of you being a muslim.It should be between you and ALLAH(SWT).

  7. Abubakar bagudu

    May her soul rest in perfect peace. Ya Allah forgive her are sins intentional and intentional. Forgive all the muslima that haue past on.

    • Mbarak Omar

      ALLAH gives hope to those who dreams .He gives miracles to those who believe.He never lets down those who trust Him.
      He never leaves those who obey Him.May ALLAH:s love walk before us all,prayers stand beside we all.Amee.May given her parents Ameen

  8. It really touched my heart it is so amazing how she pleases her Allah I know I have iman my mum and everybody says but sometimes we do wrong

  9. Dear brother, for we all know that Islam is a beautiful and peaceful religion, so let us be beautiful too in our action and words.
    For he who had given negativity, do not know about Islam. Instead lets make dua for him that Allah will open up his heart and accept Islam and live it like we all do.

  10. Brought tears in my eyes. Indeed, He Almighty is very beneficent and very merciful and so He says to us, one is your wish and one is my wish, but will happen the same which is my wish. But if you entrusted your self to it which is my wish, I will also grant you that which is your wish. But if you opposed to that which is my wish, so I will make you tired in it which is your wish because will happen the same, which is my wish.!

  11. Rouf Muideen

    Inahlilahi wahina ilehi rajihun, may all her sins be 4given ameen, i pray 4 d 4giveness nd grant all my desire, Ameen…

  12. Kaltoon hussein foolduur

    Stafrulah min kulli dhamb waatubu ilayka.OOH ALLAH daking of All plz 4give me and the rest as no one will have amercy without ur 4giveness Allah,grant us ihsan .

  13. mubarak mohammad

    kullu nafsin za ikatul mawt, inna lillahi wa inna ilaihim rajiun. Oh allah guide us ol 2 d ryt path d path of dos u bestow n nt d path of dos who earn ur angr oh Ya Rahman Ya Raheen grant us a gud endn bless us wif jannah Ya Malik Ya Quddus 4giv us our sins Ya Dhaljalal wal ikhram.

  14. Allah akbar.oh Allah pls guild me to do that which u created me to do. Worship non. But u and let me be among those which u guilded into ur light in dis life and in hereafter.

  15. Kullu nafsin zaa ikatul mowt. Oh brothers and sisters in islam, i cant tell u how i feel the moment i read the story, inna lilahi wa ina ileyhi rajiun. I wish my last day would be like her. But we learn from this that we nead to remember that there is no excuse for salah what so ever the occasion is. Let make du`a that ALLAH would help us to remember this all the time.ALLAH is GREAT

  16. OH, Allah please guide all muslim ummah the same way to pray salam in this way
    and our end should be in Sajda (Ameen- Suma Ameen)……………..

  17. ya allah i am so touched i wish i was that girl who wouldnt want to be in her place dying tahrah yihniyellah i am so happy i read this story it has opened my eyes !!!!

  18. Namiq Azhar Mohideen

    “Subhanallah” “Allahu Akbar” “Inna lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon”, May Allah grant her the highest of the Jannah “The Jennathul Firdhous”… Ameen !!!

  19. Angelika Ayesha Olsson

    mashallah thanks for sharing this story because it was always my dream to die in sujud but felt it is a small chance such event can happen..Now my hope has increased for that dream so jazak alkhayran


  21. Oh Allah giv m d strenght n heart 2 obey Ÿ̲Ơ̴̴̴̴͡uя wish n take ma soul i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ ma sujud monsha Allah…
    Inna liLahi, wa inna ilaihi rajiunn. Oh Allah forgive her her misdeed, expand her grave, use all her acts on duniyah as an act of ibadah, use them for and not against her on yaomu-l-qiyamoh. Oh Allah, I also pray for forgiveness of sin. I wish and long for such rahma, call upon me while I am obeying your priciple on earth.oh Allah giv m d strenght n heart 2 obey Ÿ̲Ơ̴̴̴̴͡uя wish n take ma soul i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ ma sujud monsha Allah…

  22. ya allah..make my end in sujud.make ma soul clear as a me get thru all sins n give me ur mercy..aaameen..

  23. Bismillah

    Im really suprised that no one pointed out that what this sister did was not correct (and Allah knows best + if this is exactly how the story went)… I hate to watch a good video or read a good article only to see the comments section fluttered with arguments. However, her mother commanded her to do something that is not haram (to delay the prayer, not to miss it). Obedience to Allah in this situation wouldve been to obey her mother + pray the Salah at a later time. I dont get why the sister chose to disobey her mother. “There is no obedience to any creature IN disobedience to the Creator.” Her mother did not command her to disobey Allah, but Allah commanded the sister to obey her mother unless the mother commands the daughter to disobey Allah…which never happened. To delay Salat Al-I’sha is perfectly fine, in fact, occording to many ahadeeth, it is preferred even

    I call conspiracy!!! lol jk, but this is cause for head scratching

    • I was thinking the same thing. If it were any of the other prayers, it would make sense, but there is time for isha.

      Regardless, it was a blessed way to go on to the next life. May Allah grant us all a beautiful and blessed ending.

    • I think exactly the same thing as you wrote.

      The way the incident has been written here seems untrue, because the logic that Allah has taken her away in the best possible position does not hold good, since He (SWT) could take her life away in sujud at a later time too. So, to consider that she breadth her last in sujud just because she disobeyed her mother while giving a preference to the prayer does not seem logical. Of course, Allah knows best.

      Besides, if you look at the last few lines of the post, in which the author has attached own comments, they seem over-extended.

      Allah knows best whether what has been written is a story or a reality; but to me its difficult to believe without doubt.

  24. May Allah make us steadfast even in times of great temptations.
    Allah says we should pray as at when due. For it is better for you if only you know. Allah knows best.


  26. this duniya is not real,aahira is real,life wat v live is an exam,bitween allah n human,god hav given us brain to think shaithan is livin with us as well,it is us who hav to fight with d saithan,lastly allah wins,n who ever beleaves allah wins with d rewards to enter jennathul firdaus….aameen let all walk rightus on allahs path…..

  27. Agogoija segun

    Bal tuthiruunal hayaatad-dunyaa, wal akhiratu khayrun wa abqaa… Who can tell the age of this world so why are we pursuing dunyaa? It is useless. I wish to be in the girl’s place. May Almighty Allah grant her Al-jannat. May Almighty Allah make us good Muslims…

  28. Nafeesah

    Subhanallah! How successful she is, to have died in sujood, nd in strict obedience to Allah. May Allah fogive her sins, over look her shortcomings, accept her act of ibadah, nd her good deeds, wa kullu ibadu salihin, illedhina maatuu fi ibadah ilaa llah. May Allah help us, that r still alive attain above that level of faith. This is what is called the sweetnest of faith!

    Oh visitors in this world
    Your final destination is your grave
    This travel of yours in this world
    Will last for just two days
    All this wealth of no use
    All these luxuries will bring no escape
    Your final bed is your grave
    And still you are not afraid
    Open your eyes an d look around
    Look at all those who have passed away
    This is your first an d last chance
    Your only chance is to work for the time that lasts………………….
    READ IT 🙂

  30. Assalamu alaikum may her soul rest in perfect peace and May Allah grant her Jannatul firduas ameen thumma ameen.

  31. I feel so bad for myself I’m a total disaster AY ALLAH PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! I’m a big sinner and I’ve done a lot of mistakes show me the right path please!!!

  32. Mohamed Ismail Sait

    Subhan Allah if this incident is true and not a story just made up to get some praise !

    We should learn and follow from the teachings and incidents from the Quran and Hadith only.

    Holy Quran – because it is from Allah SWT Himself and the Hadith because all the Sahih Hadith are backed by a number of Sahabi’s and the companions of our Holy Prophet.

    Incidents such as these can be made up by mischief mongers. I am not saying this is not true neither am I saying it is.

    The whole story is very vague and posted to whip up passions. Thats my take !

    Allah knows best !

  33. Indeed,,ALLAH is the greatest and he is first…the sister lived for him and so she died…innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon.I pray that Allah grant her Jannah and give us good endings…Let us strive to be better muslims every moment that Allah grants us…Insha ALLAH. …Thanks for sharing this story..

  34. May ALLAAH Grant her Jannah. AameeN.
    And May ALLAAH Grant meto be on the Straight path and Succeed in both the worlds AameeN.

  35. Syed Taukir

    Mashallah a very short and informative post.

    I learnt 2 things:
    a) There is no obedience to the creation involving disobedience to the creator.
    b) Never miss your Salaah on the day of your marriage.

    Barakallah feekum.

  36. Isn’t makeup itself haram? It is good it was washed away. It is unfortunate Muslim women are taught to wear makeup. If you are offering salah as you are supposed to of course it will wash away each time, and since the timings of the salah are fairly close together and constant throughout the day when would you have time to put it on? But beyond that it is a deception, changing Allah’s intention for how a person’s face should appear.

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