Mahrs, Mahrams and Walis

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By Pure Matrimony -

Do you know the rulings behind the mahr?

What about knowing who can and can’t be your mahrams?

What about walis – do you know their rights over you in relation to marriage?

If you think you know everything there is to know about mahr, mahrams and walis, then prepare to be shocked and amazed as we delve deep into a this highly misunderstood and often mis-represented topic that can easily confuse the best of us!
Sheikh Musleh Khan will help you discover:

• What makes a mahr and the conditions attached to it
• Whether or not your marriage is valid without a mahr
• The fundamental rulings of mahrams in relation to marriage
• Why a wali is needed for marriage
• Conditions which nullify your wali for representing you (yes this happens a LOT and you probably don’t even know this!)
• What you can do if you don’t have a wali

It doesn’t matter whether you’re about to get married or your children are, this is an incredibly important topic which MUST be understood so you fulfil the rights Allah SWT has give you.

Join us on this insightful webinar as we discuss the answers to these fundamental questions and more

Allah SWT in all His wisdom has placed extra care and protection for a woman in Islam by giving the men in her life special roles and duties to fulfill. This webinar focuses on those key areas of care and protection:
– the Mahr which needs to be paid by her husband to her during/after the marriage contract
– The Mahram – the male who cannot marry her and therefore acts as her protector in life
– The Wali – her appointed guardian who is entrusted with ensuring her marriage to the most suitable spouse takes place by listening and understanding her wants and needs and facilitating the process.

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  1. Great explanation. The Creator create every rule for a purpose. Everyone should watch this before his/her marriage. May Allah SWT give us strength to lives our lives according to His preaching.

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